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We are specialized in:

  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Procurement
  • Welder Skill Training.
  • Welding Procedure Qualification.
  • Welder Qualification Testing.
  • Non-Destructive Testing Training to ASNT level 1 and 2 Certification in RT,UT,PT,ET,and VT.
  • AWS CWI Preparatory classes.
  • Appreciation of Codes and Standards Course
  • Technical Training on welding like welding for the Non-Welder.
  • Sales of welding consumables, accessories and books.
  • API Training / Certification Courses.
  • Calibration of Welding Machines
  • Hard face surfacing of Non Magnetic materials with Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  • Manpower Supply
  • Digital Radiography
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Welding Software

Procurement of Materials

We  provide procurement services both manpower and materials for her clients by purchasing equipment and materials from both local and international vendors ranging from single and bulk orders to procuring for an entire project.

Installation Works

We are experienced in Tank  construction,  pipe line ,gas plant,flow lines,power plants, land and offshore rigs. Maintenance of Flow Line station and well operations,

Construction Works

We under take construction of pipe line,Gas plants,Flow lines, Power plants,and Tank farm construction.


We under take fabrication of Spools etc. We gladly say we are sure to give you the best with regards to the best standards.

Electrical & Instrumentation

We under take E & I of Gas plants, Power plants etc.

Technical Courses:

  • Welding procedures and approvals to ASME IX.
  • Appreciation of AWS D1.1code.
  • Appreciation of API 1104 standards.
  • Non destructive testing training to ASNT level 1 and 2 in RT,MT,UT etc.
  • CWI preparatory classes.

Welder Skill Courses:

Proposed Titles:

(a) Entry Level – Welder Certificate in structural/Pipe welding using the S.M.A.W. Welding processes.

Entry requirement: Must be from 18 years and above and has good understanding of English.

(b) Advanced Level – Welder Certificate in Pipe welding using G.T.A.W welding process.

Entry requirement: Must be from 18 years and above and must have completed and passed level 1 or would be required to take level 1 written and skill test at his or her expense.

(c) Expert Level –Welder Certificate in structural and pipe welding of stainless steel materials using S.M.A.W. and G.T.A.W welding processes.

Entry requirement: Must be from 18 years and above, must have successfully completed level 2, or would be required to do level 2 written and skill test at his or her expense.

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